GAH!!! Will not stress… will not

30 10 2008

Breath in… out .. ok

So, I thought that I wasn’t able to go pick up my race package until Thursday, turns out I was wrong.  I got there today and not only could I not get my race pack but I was told I can’t get it at all…  Well I got really upset.  Finally they came up with the solution that my friend Ruth, who is totally going out of her way to help me out, can go to the station tomorrow during the day and pick it up for me.  Then because I’m a ‘tard and lazy I didn’t buy my train tickets until today, sigh, so no seats for me.  I am on the fast train though which is only 2 hours or so each way 🙂 I’ll live.  I tried to reschedule a couple of things, since my work canceled my class at the last min for Friday morning.  But no such luck.

Actually, I was just really ferclempt about thinking I might not be able to run my race, especially as I made an effort to make sure I could run it.  Tomorrow is going to be a skitch on the rough side… after work I have to go straight to the train station, stand on the train to Haulien, hang with Ruth for a while, sleep, get up at 5 am go back to the train station, up to Toroko, run race, back down town .. take the train back to Taipei and then up to the waxing place.  meh… I don’t mind being busy.. not that much 😛




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