Why do people drool when they nap, but not when they sleep?

27 10 2008

This is how we make up for productive thursdays… totally nothing sundays… I woke up early watched some tv went back to sleep.  Talked to some people back home on the phone for a while… well mostly I tried to call people but hardly anyone was around.  Go figure, seems some of you have lives ;).

Went back to sleep, watched more tv.. talk to Trace.. slept, Tv, snack, sleep, tv and nap, snack, sleep.  Narcoleptic napping koala bears have more get up and go than I did today :D.  Oh well I think I really was genuinely sick on Friday and just needed the rest.  About 2 hours ago I get into reading a book I’ve been meaning to spend some time on.  Took a few notes, had a good chat on the phone.. and now I’m off to bed.  I hope to get up early but I’m not forcing anything… I will not chance pushing myself and getting sick pre marathon.  Plus I have another million things to do on Tuesday… sigh.  And must pay for my ticket tomorrow morning.. busy bunny.



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2 01 2009

Funny this post gets a lot of hits… but no comments

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