Rock the Casbah… and others

27 10 2008

I feel like there was something real that I was sitting down to write but what ever it is it’s run away.. So you get this instead…

I’m feeling silly… and this song is dancing around in my head 🙂

This has really bugged me for a long time… what the fuck is it that he won’t do for love?

I know you’re all going to hate me now.. that song is like musical cancer in your mind.. It was stuck in my head for like 3 years .. heh But here is something to make it up to you… lol.. You know I wear my sun glasses at night?? lol here’s the ‘new’ version… stunna glasses

I know this was a lame post, sorry 🙂




One response

28 10 2008

1.) Yeeeeaaahhh Joe Strummer and The Clash! I remember that song!

2.) Meatloaf making a come back. But the answer will remain a mystery as far as trying to figure out on what he means by he won’t do that.

3.) Part of that was taken from Canadian Cory Hart’s song.

No it wasn’t lame at all!

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