Running … ow ow ow, and productive Thursday

23 10 2008

So I decided if I’m going to pretend to train I might as well actually really train a little… thus with the running when I don’t want to .. and the pushing all hard.. and then running again the next day and burning through the pain… 🙂

That all felt quite dramatic last night.. 😛 But a funny picture came out of it.. look ma, no boobs!

It’s funny how much you can do in a day, when you need to get things done. I went to work this morning and sorted things out at my one school about subs (if I need them). Picked up my ID photos, went to the bank, got sushi, stopped at home checked some stuff online, went to the immigration office, went to school (to get missing documents), went back to the immigration office… did my best to not grind my teeth when they said I needed something else! I hate red tape, it’s really annoying given I was only looking to extend my visa a little so I would have time for my work permit to come in.

Side note I must exude a pharemone that chills cranky people out, the officer I was speaking to didn’t remember me from before and was massively cold and somewhat cranky when I got there. But after a few minutes of chatting she was super friendly and happy, she even commented on how nice it was chatting to me. When she asked me if I would be interested in tutoring her son I had to giggle and say actual we have met before you asked me last year but I’d be happy to give you my contact information again. She ended up laughing after she recognized me. This was followed by a mad dash to the dentist, check up, cleaning, fluoride made appointments to get some fillings. Paid some bills, made and appointment to see the girly doctor and dashed to work. Almost killed my students, because they were being assholes. Pootled off to the girly doctor… THAT SUCKED… and then I came home.

Busy ass day! 😀




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24 10 2008

Busy as can be!

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