I’m bored

18 10 2008

So now that the high of my personal mental break through has worn off… I’m bored. I’m currently trying to decide what to do with myself. I’m planning on taking a little vacation next month, I’m not totally certain where but probably to the US. Aside from that, I’m now realizing how important the restaurant project was for me. It gave me something big…. I have just let go of the two biggest things I had going and now I’m just sort of floating. For a while I was just reveling in the awesome… but now I’m feeling the urge to do something.

What? I have absolutely NO idea… wait thats not true I have a million little ideas… My life and world has spun around turned upside down and all kinds of twisties in the last week or so. And I suspect that this is just the beginning. sigh

I made a little list of some things I want to do/be in the next couple of months, and some things to help me achieve those things…

  • Learn how to swim… all proper like (Tim Feriss Blog and this online video)
  • Brush up my Chinese (it’s ass right now) (call girl I know who wants to teach it)
  • Study some Spanish or Portuguese (read my book, talk to B)
  • Collect more cash (get some private students)
  • Read online book I’ve been meaning to finish (read it)

All pretty simple stuff and tings I’ve been wanting to do.. but I always seem to put off.. for no real reason… just on the whole I can do it later. Well what if I couldn’t do it later? What if I didn’t have the time, money, or circumstances later.. then I would just sit around berating my self for not taking advantage of my current freedom. Ah life… such a mess.




4 responses

18 10 2008

Sounds like life…lol just love you!
Just thought i would let u know it looks like my suger well be a go in January…lol I go next week to Victoria again more doctors to see. I well also be at your sisters birthday plan to send your pacele from there.
love mom

18 10 2008

Yeah I heard, congrats on it all happening so fast. 🙂

18 10 2008

I was going to send the parcel… but then you were traveling. Then you weren’t. Then it was unsure. Now you might. Or not. Either way, haven’t sent it yet, cuz didn’t know where your azz would be!!

18 10 2008

Fair enough… I don’t know either 🙂

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