I love Kenny Rogers

18 10 2008

Not many people know but I’m a huge Kenny fan… as much as I am a fan of anyone.

I just found a couple of news songs he wrote recently… πŸ™‚

listen if you want, or don’t it doesn’t matter to me, just thought I would share.


The greatest

and a classic… possibly the only song I know all the words to… with out the music.

Sorry I fixed the first link πŸ™‚ click on the name superman if the embedded video doesn’t work.



6 responses

18 10 2008

I was just thinking about “the Gambler”, I beleive i was singing it in the tub the other day!!

19 10 2008

Ahhh i am at home…. call me backk

21 10 2008

I Guess your grandmother and I have played Kenny since you where in the my tummy…lol

21 10 2008

love the new song. perspective is everything!!!!!!

21 10 2008


22 10 2008

me too!!!! i love kenny! don’t tell anyone πŸ™‚

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