Ocean, mountains, and other things of the nice

14 10 2008

So Sunday I turned off everything, all IM’s, email, phone etc. No real reason I just wanted a me day, I figured that if anyone REALLY needed to contact me they would find a way ;).

Downloaded and watched most of the movie Kinsey, which is the story of Dr Kinsley who basically started and drove the sexual revolution. The things people believed before he addressed the issues… are mind boggling. I really recommend watching it! Halfway through I had to run out to meet up with Tracey and Mel for lunch.

After lunch I drove over Yan Ming Mountain, which in retrospect wasn’t the best idea given I was wearing a short skort. I would have hung out a little longer but I was too damn cold and couldn’t take it so I drove a little faster, went back down the other side. I did get this really cool picture from it.

Post mountain I drove to my real destination, Mr. Ocean, my favourite. I didn’t see much of the ocean as a kid growing up in the mountains, I love Love LOVE the mountains but there is something about the ocean. I really like to just sit by the ocean and watch and listen to the waves, ocean breeze. I found a little spot on the shore with the big cement-y bits and decided to chill there for a while. Took some pictures, made a couple of videos (ok I took like 50 pictures… lol mostly of me). When I started to freeze to death (poorly planned wardrobe) I packed up my books n’ things and went off on the coast road back to Taipei, even though the mountain way would have been significantly shorter and faster, MUCH colder.




5 responses

15 10 2008

That cold there? I thought that Taiwan was some what tropical.

15 10 2008

Sub tropics.. and I think 22 is cold… ! and on the mountain it was like 15.. BRRRRR

16 10 2008

Let see that works into degrees roughly between 70 – 60. Next time dress more approperatly. Do I have to tell you everything?

16 10 2008

😛 no… I just didn’t think ahead

16 10 2008


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