Fit for charity

12 10 2008

Hmm so I sent out an email about this.. Oddly I didn’t really hear anything back. Honestly I was a little disappointed, not that people aren’t interested but I thought that I would have heard a little something from more people. I guess my excitement didn’t spill over enough.. oops

My plan is to encourage people to participate in my fit for charity project. I made a hyped up on adrenalin video about it –> here

Pleh I had big plans to write all this out.. but .. honestly I’m tired and don’t feel like it.

Summary, I’m trying to raise money for Room to Read, it involves providing books, learning and education to kids who might not otherwise have the joy of literacy. So I’m combining some things I love, kids and the fun of introducing the world of reading to them, helping people, and fitness. For every Km you or someone you know (me perhaps) runs, someone (yourself or coworkers friends etc.. definitely hit up the boss 😉 I did) pledges to contribute $1 or more per km… so far I have 6 people who have committed to participate by running and two who are matching my pledge.

As I said in my email, any support is appreciated… just $1, $5, $100 or even just positive words of encouragement. I’m excited, this is the first time I have ever tried anything like this and I would like to do the best I can. Will you help me?

Hugs to all!

Back in 24 😉


Room to read


Workout Dump

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8 responses

12 10 2008

HI babe
Great video and Great project I love that you are doing this. Best of luck !!!!

12 10 2008

Like to help but I’m a little strap right now but I do support you all the way!

12 10 2008

This is great!! You make me feel useful and important I don’t know but you did it. since it is my first experience to put blogs, I am a bit afraid on what to say about your Ideas and your philosophy of life @ a glance. I try to access all your websites and blogs which I like very much (esp. something related with children). I am from Ethiopia and living in India and now I’m a bit worried on how can I help you with your charity program and all your plans. would you please let me know how can we keep addressing this issue.
warmest regards,

14 10 2008

Thanks Mom and Dave… please just forward
the email video or this blog post to anyone you might know you would be interested or who might be interested in helping!

14 10 2008

@ Yonas
Thanks for stopping by, just curious how did you come across my blog?
Well if you want to help and are unable to donate then please pass the video on to anyone you might know who would find it interesting and could contribute to the cause!

15 10 2008

sorry, meant to write back…. I’m a tool…. I’ll see what I can do! Good luck, luvs ya!

15 10 2008

Ok, so I feel like a jerk! I am sending you oodles and oodles of encouragement, but I am not in a financial situation to send anything right now. That doesn’t mean I will totally forget about this, but have forwarded your email to a whole bunch of people and will see what I can do in the new year. You rock! I am so proud of you!

And, um… any update on the phone convo we had? You going anywhere?

15 10 2008

@Nadine cool anything is awesome

@Ray.. lol no worries dude I know what it’s like. Cool, I’m putting it on hold and starting it on Nov 1st… maybe you can get some other people to fund you running!! Thanks!

No, I’ll try to call this week 🙂

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