Day two, and it’s still sunny. ;) literally

10 10 2008

I’m not sure that I mentioned the weather aligning with the universe yesterday. In the morning I was sleepy and gloomy, with gloomy clouds and rain outside. Just before I went for my run it cleared up somewhat and while running the sun broke through onto my face (just as I thought ‘I’m free’ heh).And today was one of those lovely sunny with occasional fluffy warm fuzzy clouds, days.

Today after Yoga class, Emma (my teacher) had a little powwow with all the students about their future and goals. She asked us at a specific point in the near future what we wanted to accomplish, do or be. For the first time in my life I was thinking.. hu….

Now I have been fluffy, la la goalless wonder at many points in my life. And when I was contemplating what my answer would be when she got to me… all I could think was.. “hmmmm”. It’s funny because there are all kinds of things that I want to accomplish in the next month, 3 months, year etc. When she asked me I actually said “I’m good”, we laughed and she asked “no goals or aspirations?”

I thought about if for a minute, smiled and said “Of course I do, but I had a big, BIG week. So many things have changed for me and I have gone by so many benchmarks so fast, right now, today.. I’m good” Or something like that… 😉

I mean really, I just wanna float in the awesome that I have right now. There is nothing I have going on that I want to do that will be hurt from a couple of days of chilling :). Lol it’s not like I’ve been action packed with accomplishments anyway. This week was a big week, in a really important way for me. I’m planning on doing some fun things with my charity project this weekend!

Stay tuned…. 😀

(PS for those of you who were wondering.. no I still haven’t fixed the damn computer… mleh)




3 responses

10 10 2008

Hold your head up high and everything should be fine.

11 10 2008

I chatted with mom and Sam on the phone and filled her in on your journey this week. Wanted you to know that you have a cheering section here in BC!!

14 10 2008

Thanks guys 🙂

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