It’s my Blog and I’ll cry if I want to

8 10 2008

I’m sad. Not gut wrenching can’t go about my day, debilitating sad… but sad none the less. Some serious, life altering changes that I was about to make, not happening.. or at least now how I planned I guess.

I had a revelation about my past behavior and am not happy with myself. In the past I have done some things that not only am I horrified with, but I am truly disappointed with my self. Part of what I did was not listen when I should have, and even worse I lied to myself and convinced myself that my actions were not only justified but right. Even when I realized that my behavior wasn’t acceptable, I still believed that my actions were justifiable. Perhaps some things were understandable… but it doesn’t make it right or something that I would approve of.

Also, there is something that I have wanted and have been focused on for 3-4 years…  and I’m letting it go.  I’m sad and no I don’t really want to talk about it.. talking won’t change anything or make me feel any better.  So if I seem uncommunicative or unresponsive for while you know why.  I’m fine I’m just sad.

later all 🙂




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8 10 2008


8 10 2008

Sometimes you’ll come across a bump on your road of life. Don’t worry it’ll get smooth out eventually!

8 10 2008

Cheer up, buttercup. We have all had moments we are not proud of. You did the best you could AT THAT TIME, whether you believe that or not. You’re a strong woman, Magda – forgive yourself and forge onward!!! Luvs ya.

9 10 2008


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