6 10 2008

I want to express my stupidity.. and I hope you all truely understand the moronicy of my actions.  I (it appears) have completely fried my computer.  What is so completely horrifying about this is.. god I don’t even want to admit it… I opened an aplication from a unknown and untrusted site… it was the classic super moron do you know NOTHING about computers manuver. 😦  Now my computer is stuck in an endless loop of restarting over adn over again never booting fully.  I still have to try starting in safe mode or booting off a different drive to see if I can salvage things.. but to be honest Iwas thinking of wiping my drive and reinstalling windows anyway.  As that is my worst case scenario it’s ok as I’m fully prepaired to do that anyway.

I mean ok I magically made my sisconfig disapear a month or so ago and the whole thing was just waiting on a prayer to go wrong due to all the unqualifled fiddling I do.   gawd I’m so dumb…

Learn from this people.. even those who FUCKING know better be loose all sense of reality and do something UTTERLY moronic.  NEVER open a downloaded application when you don’t know what it is…  banging my head aaginst the wall at school while I type this… .. If I can get it up and running again tonight I will write about the charity progect I’m working on.  I’ll be blasting out and email about it too.




3 responses

6 10 2008

Thank sucks! I think I had that happen one time. Best thing to do now is take it on in to get it fixed.

7 10 2008

Yep, I’ve done it, too. That instant sinking feeling when you click and know “that was dumb”.

Only I did it at work, and it gave Bill the final straw to fire me.

7 10 2008

@Dave Oh I don’t need to take it anywhere to have it fixed.. I know how to do it myself… it’s just time consuming and annoying … especially as it all could have been avoided with 4 seconds of THOUGHT.

@ Dee No dude it’s even worse than the instant sinking feeling! At least with that there was a milisecond of stupidity… I had like 3 full minutes of stupidity and if I hadn’t don’t the series of things I did.. I could have salvaged something but no… I’m a retard…

Up side it’s my personal property.. so like you said.. it doesn’t affect my job… (Bill was and ass!)

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