Petra, I will miss you!

5 10 2008

I received a message today that had me immediately in tears.   It’s an odd situation, I was friends with both the mom and the daughters, and I met the Daughters who were both really cool girls via there mom.  One of the girls just emailed (facebook message) me to let me know that her mom passed away a couple of days ago.

She was a substitute French teacher at my school, she was fluent in like 6 languages, had traveled the world, had a great family and a wonderful life.  I count my self blessed for having known her, and am deeply saddened to learn she has passed on.  My biggest sadness is I did have a chance to speak to her anytime recently.  I’m sure, since she was such a positive and happy force in the world, she knew how much she was loved.

I will spend some time reflecting on all the wonderful memories I have, love you Petra.




5 responses

5 10 2008

All my sympathies go out to you with the lost of someone who was special and who made a deep impression on your life.

5 10 2008

Thanks 🙂

7 10 2008

Awe… how sad. 😦

7 10 2008

Yeah.. it’s ok.. apparently it was some complication with a simple surgery… makes me feel all kinds of not good inside… 😦

8 10 2008

It’s always hard to say goodbye to someone who played such an important role. Raise a glass to her memory, as I’m sure you’re right, she knew how loved she was.

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