Computers, the Matrix, the Terminator, and Eagle eye

5 10 2008

I’m sure eveyone is gonna be like… Magda you’re crazy…

I’m not.. it’s fusking scary… and you should be a little freaked out too, damn it! Yeah they (and others like them) are just movies meant to entertain. Well logically speaking we are parasties on the earth causing far more damage than any other speciese… with no natuaral preditors.. Do we REALLY want logical computers thinking this through and doing something about it.

I read some people bitching about how the movie Eagle eye was ‘ridiculous’ and ‘totally impossible’, the only thing that I was like.. um ok that’s just silly was when they fried a guy with a power line in the desert, essentially vaporizing him… that was silly. But 90% of the other stuff… I know shit about computers compaired to someone who really knows something and even I understand how most of it .. it TOTALLY feasable with today’s technology.And that the shit we know about… I mean come on. Are people so delusion that they genuinely believe that what we ‘think’ of as cutting edge technology is really the best there is out there??? I mean just pick up a tech magazine or read a gadget publication!

I remember watching a gadget show 7-8 years ago on TV (so you know it wasn’t anything secret just not available to the public dude to cost more than anything) that is still cooler and crazier than anything available on the mass market TODAY. You think your Ipod is cool????? This guy had a computer the size of a cell phone with a monocle monitor that responded to finger tapping, blinking voice command and eye movements. 8 FREAKING YEARS AGO… name one person you know who has this now? Sure we all know the technology is there.. we all know it’s available if you wanna pay for it… did you know about it 8 years ago?? Did you know it was developed years before it was released to the geeky public? Enough about the general populace and the ignorance toward true technological capabilities… (yes lots of things you see in movies are silly… but some not so much).

The computers that think… for themselves… and learn and make decisions…. FREAK ME OUT…. they have no morality no humanity… It’s like giving a massive sociopath a gun and giving him perfect logic as to why killing everyone he meets, regardless of age, colour, or sex, is best in the case of xyz circumstances.

you ever see this???

oh wow cool it learns.. NOT COOL NOT COOL!!! That things is FREAKY

Advanced nanobots will be able to sense and adapt to environmental stimuli such as heat, light, sounds, surface textures, and chemicals; perform complex calculations; move, communicate, and work together; conduct molecular assembly; and, to some extent, repair or even replicate themselves.

This is from the horses mouth so to speak…. [here] how can this concept not be freaky.. self replicate????

Ok that’s enough, I’m sure I’ve convinced most of you that I’m a paranoid delusional… that’s about to fully ‘disconnect’ and hide in the woods. Seems unlikely… I’m just saying.. really… technology is cool and awesome sauce… but it doesn’t need to think for it’s self thank you very much. If we aren’t smart enough to think it then we shouldn’t have access to it.

This is my opinion on the matter. Rant complete.. for today. (Cody knows what I’m talking about!)



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5 10 2008

I don’t stress on shit like this. Sam on the other hand is more than happy to have a Big Brother conversation about all the scary shit in the world. I figure I can’t do shit about it anyways so why stress.


5 10 2008

lol.. in spite of the impression that blog past may have given.. I don’t actually get stressed about it.. I just happily dance along. LOL just every once in a while I have a little spazz about it…

5 10 2008

I don’t freak out about it! HAL will never be invented! Those are only movies that I laugh at! Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaaa!

5 10 2008

… yeah… 😉 keep your allusions

8 10 2008

If you watch the discovery channel at all, you know what kind of freaky shit they are coming up with. Ryan and I just saw a program the other day on just this subject. It IS freaky shit.

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