4 10 2008

So I joined linked in because some cool interesting dudes I know told me to.. and I thought what the heck.. can’t hurt.

Now I can’t claim that it has brought me anything on the business end…. BUT it did reconnect me with our awesome holiday friend from Boracay, Mike the firefighter/migrant worker.. he was our muscle.. since he spoke enough Tagalog to keep us from getting sold into slavery (his words!)  I’m pleased to make that re-connection Mike was a seriously funny guy and I was kinda bummed that attempts to keep in touch failed (We emailed him but his spam blockers blocked us… dang spam bots ruining shit for everyone).

In other news, I have booked and bought(almost) my ticket and am heading to the states next Sat, should be interesting.  Speaking of .. I need to pack 😉



4 responses

4 10 2008

Safe journey!

5 10 2008

Ha that’s awesome. Tell him I failed my mission.

5 10 2008

always 🙂

5 10 2008

@ Mel….. tell him your own damn self… lol I recommended you guys on Facebook 😀

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