6 Facts, facebook and pressies :)

25 09 2008

Ok I’ve had enough eveyone can stop bitching about the new Facebook now. Yes, I get it .. someone fukced with something you were very attached to and used to… most non tech people are big about facebook because you can only mess with it so much, thus there is a smooth format where you can know and find everything. And now it’s different. GET OVER IT. If you actually stop complaining for a min and take a look it’s actually much more organized and better for YOU the average user to navigate and find things. With all the applications and more to come it was just getting too damn messy, it’s growing and expanding and had to be cleaned up eventually. Well, I guess the time is now, everyone will get used to the new format or stop using it (seems little unlikely). Seriously though, have a look at it with an objective eye, I hated it at first too but it does make things easier to navigate. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like it either (merely because I hate change and it make my butt pucker like a chipmunk eating a lemon), but I can see the reason and merit for the change and evolution.

Done ranting now… look six facts 🙂 Did you know these?

PRESSIES 😀 I got some fun things, Mel gave me a bottle of Paul Mitchel tea tree conditioner !!! yay.. love love love it, Jodie gave me new pillows… holy crap do new pillows rock! And a gorgeous green Egyptian cotton towel (I’m a linens snob.. whatcha gonna do? shrug) and Trace got me (or at least tried really hard to) a blue tooth wireless headset for my computer. Cool cool cool… all things I really quite wanted! LOL My mom told me I don’t get anything this year because I wouldn’t tell her what I wanted 😀 I didn’t tell her anything because there isn’t anything that I want that’s worth the effort of trying to get it o me in time for my birthday :D.. sorry mom I know I suck! but I appreciated to phone call, it was great talking to you!

Speaking of birthdays.. why does everyone ask you on or after your birthday how you feel now that you X number of years old? I don’t know about you guys but I’ve never had a WOOOAAH holy crap I think I just aged 7 years in one day moment on a birthday.. or ever for that matter. How do you think I feel? Essentially exactly the same as I did yesterday… well no wait I was crabby a couple of days back and am cheery again.. is that what they mean? Do mood swings have anything to do with birthdays?

I guess what everyone much really be asking is how do you feel now that you are OLD… Sorry, I’ve got nuthing I’m not old ..lol. How’s about tell me how you feel when you get there? I wasn’t planning on making the trip 😀 It’s funny Casey said something to me about remember when you thought 30 was old? Hope you don’t now (or something to that effect) and really yeah I was freaking out about 30 when I was 26-28 (so much so that he wasn’t sure if I was turning 30 or 31 this year.. lol I’m ok with it .. but not that ok with it… 30 damn it). But I got over the whole issue a year or two ago, 🙂 I think some of you suspected I was faking it, bbut honestly I’m more amused than anything.. tee hee I’m 30. (I’m sure it helps that people always seem to think I’m 24) Did I ever mention the Texan, who is hem quite a lot older, who was SHOCKED at how freakishly young I was (29)? He was totally convinced I was far to ‘together’ to be a kid like that… lol AWESOME I haven’t got the NO you can’t be so young thing in AGES :D.



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25 09 2008

yeah, remember the conversation you, me and Tracey had in Vancouver when you guys stopped through a few years ago? I remember that well, how we all agreed we were getting better with age. How true!

You look great! Welcome to the dirty 30s!

26 09 2008

Yes, that is definately a perk of being in your 30’s. Especially in our family since we look so young. I love telling people I’m turning 40 this year. They totally double take. And let’s face it… when you hit those higher numbers, the double take becomes more important to you. LOL

And btw, I love the new FB. Have since I first went to it.

26 09 2008

I like the look of your blog. I’ve not had the chance to check out your facebook page yet. So I can make a balance opinon on the both of them.

26 09 2008

🙂 @ Ray yeah I remember it, hoser…eh ahhahhahah

@ Dee yeah right, it is pretty funny I like that I think it’s funny in both directions… thou I do get a little twitching when it’s just a little over… Ha that’s funny I hated it but got tired of the whining so decided to look at it objectively (it was that or join the complainers).

@ Dave I didn’t do anything with my Facebook.. it’s Facebook themselves that changed the layout of the WHOLE site, and everyone on it has been wingeing on on about not liking the changes. annoying

27 09 2008

Phooey on Facebook! I’ll take yours then! I like how it looks! Especially the banner! Look at them eyes!

28 09 2008

Thanks made them (and it) myself

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