Entrepreneurial meeting and bad ass mood

22 09 2008

I really should have written this yesterday when I was all super hyper and excited…. I don’t know what happened I was on cloud 9 all day yesterday… just bubbly happy and full of pizazz. I accidentally stayed up WAY too late chatting online but it was very amusing so not a huge deal… But then in the morning.. CRASH BURN This morning, it wsn’t that I couldn’t get out of bed I just didn’t care.. I felt really meh and down… I have no idea why…. I recognize the feeling it’s a form of depression but I was in such a good mood where the hell did it come from… nothing to trigger it… just down in the dumps.. All I want to do is lay in bed and sleep or cry or something equally lame and pathetic :(. I’m totally not looking for simpathy I just felt like sharing that I’m have a crap day, I really hope it passes before tomorrow I’d rather my birthday was pleasant instead of attack of little miss Eeyore.

Yesterday was really cool, my new friend JLick invited me to this entrepreneurial meeting/seminar. And the actual presentation was very good and has some valuable information but most of it was not applicable to me so… the useful information I got from it for my self could have been summarized in 15 mins easily. Tracey ended up leaving for the same reason (that and we had no idea how long it would go), but soon after the presentation ended and we went to TGI Fridays for food and drinks + chatting.

That was super awesome, fun and interesting. I met all of these great people to know, who themselves are awesome contacts but they are also linked to really interesting and influential people. Like one guy who at a formal dinner, just happened to be seated next to the minister for foreign affairs, turned to him during dinner and said “Hey can we talk about Taiwan’s foreign policy? I think it needs some work, these things just don’t make sense if you want foreign business and investments.” Pretty darned cool if you ask me. All the guys were super helpful and I got a lot of email addresses and contacts. Normally I would know what to do with them but a couple of the guys even told me what write or ask and that they would teach me some new stuff. Pretty amazing, I have heard it a 1000 times before that people with knowledge and skills want to share them but this is my first real broad band experience with that.

Lunch time.




2 responses

2 10 2008

Sounds a little bi-polar… not being funny… have you tested for that?

2 10 2008

no…. is it catching? 😉

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