FUCK the police….

20 09 2008

Bloody expensive two block drive !   Damn it… I went running and then I was late for brunch and was hurrying there.  I decided it didn’t matter if I went the wrong way up the lane.. everyone does.

Unfortunately for me, the cops were camped out.. I tried to talk my way out of the ticket.. and in the end it turns out buddy insisted on giving me a ticket so he could meet his quota.  I would have been really pissed about it .. but in the end he reduced the ticket from 900nt to 300nt and I was pleased with that.    Then I was too late to meet up with the girls.. poop so I ended up just turning around and going home :P.

Oh well… c’est la vie.  I went up on the roof and tanned for a while instead 🙂  Then Melissa dragged me out to a store to buy a wig for this wig party tonight.  That’s my day 🙂




2 responses

21 09 2008

Was it just the one offense? Were you going 90 in a 30 zone, driving the wrong way on a one way street, in a school zone without a helmet and no driver’s license? No, silly me, you always drive with a helmet!! Ha ha ha, you crack me up. Who else can haggle with the police?

ps fyi cody hearts the new blog. old blog bleh, new blog oooooh!

21 09 2008

OOH lookie it’s a Cody!

oh pffft NOTHING… just going to up this lane that EVERYONE including police officers drive up.. might have an arrow on it.. not sure 😛
I have a license thank you very much 😛 Hey haggle and kinda win!

Thanks! I am liking the new one too .. so many more things I can do with it… plus no one else is sneaking bloody ads on it without my permission!

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