This is the EnD.

19 09 2008

Sorry but I’m tired of double posting and linking and etc… the blog has moved and will stay moved for the time being.. not to worry.. it’s easy as pie to find.. just go to and you’ll be there. or [Click here]

Sorry to anyone who follows me on live journal and finds this troublesome, but it’s just not worth the effort of posting in both places I’m sure you can understand.  There are a couple new posts over there.. I’ve been writing.. or trying to everyday.



3 responses

19 09 2008

well! Forget you! The effort to put it on bookmark and check… !

Oh wait, super easy peasy! hehe love ya!

19 09 2008

lol.. nice! you’re so silly! Come visit!!! what’s going on with you??

20 09 2008

It bought the farm. Time to move on then.

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