New roommate

19 09 2008

So here is our new roommate, his name is Adam and he’s from Prague, in Czech.  He’s a VAST improvement over our old roommate, there was nothing really wrong with our old roommate it was just little stuff and we never really clicked or really got along.  I certainly never wanted to chat with Inaki or invite him to hang out with out friends.   He was just a little too ‘Dances with Chinese” for my taste, at one point he did try to loosen up and be more friendly but at that stage it had been too long and was just weird seeming.  Anyway Adam is a Funny guy and very freindly and personable, lol and he just might like TV more than me ( I know seems impossible right?).  It was very funny when he first called me I was really thrown off by his British accent, he is so very fluent in English.. makes me ashamed of my poor language skills!

Ok that’s it for today!



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20 09 2008

Out with the old and in the with the new.

21 09 2008

Wait, wait… did you just comment about someone ELSE being ‘dances with Chinese’? Hilariously, I would have said the same thing about you once upon a time. Not anymore, though, huh?

And by ‘dances’ we both realize no physical dancing is implied, lol. 😉

21 09 2008

What you talking about willus?? I never danced…. 😀 I might have tapped my toe a little.. but I never danced!!!

😀 nope more ‘dances with wolves’ style tango 😀

21 09 2008

That I would like to see.

27 09 2008
Mr Clark

Remember that hunky blonde guy you lived with a few years ago.

Yeah, he was hot.

27 09 2008

hmmm hunky blond… who gaz? He wasn’t really blond…

😀 Just playing how you doing MR Clark! Yeah he was hot!

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