New home for the blog, maybe.

11 09 2008

I kinda don’t know I want to move just because I spent all that time making this one all nice and loverly.. but
well anyway I just spent a bunch of time messing with the other one.. so either way… 😛

Go check it out and tell me what you think.  🙂 I’m not done, I have a couple more things to figure out.. but .. hmmm we’ll see



5 responses

13 09 2008

It very nice! But don’t live these one ever!

13 09 2008

? typo?

13 09 2008

I meant to say, “But don’t ever leave this one.”

14 09 2008

ahh.. why? do you secretly work for live journal???? 😀

15 09 2008

No I’m just Dave thanks.

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