Random thoughts

10 09 2008

Face… it’s a big thing here and everyone is all about it.  And in typical me fashion (I suspect all people are guilty of this but I won’t point fingers), I love it when I can manipulate it to my advantage and bloody hate it when it gets in my way and annoys me.   Must save face, musn’t loose face…. masn’t make someone else feel like anything has been done with face! AHHHH It’ so annoying to me.. well today that is.  I got pestered at work because the receptionist and accountant are upset because I haven’t been saying good morning to them and hi at every possibly juncture.  I didn’t say hi or good morning because I didn’t bloody well see them… I’m supposed to seek them out? 

I told them to grow up and say hi to me, or if the see me but I don’t look directly at them and make eye contact I just have other things on my mind and didn’t see them.  It’s like living in eternal high school.  TEACHER she snubbed me!!!  Ok, ok I didn’t say grow up.. I explained all nice nice like with all the face saving skills what I just said, BUT I really wanted to tell them to just grow the fuck up.

On the flip side, the face business can be a riot, nothing easier than manipulating a group of people that are not willing to loose face over anything.  So if you want something done, or done your way you just have to figure out a way to word it so they can’t resist without loosing face.   Plus it opens up a whole world of things you can say or do to pull a guilt trip that would put Hitler’s Jewish Grandmother to shame.   No that Hitler had a Jewish grandmother, maybe he did ( I have no idea) but IF he did… I bet she could bring a major guilt smack down on Captain Genocide.

Another random thought I was just entertaining was how obedient I am (this thought logically stemmed from my being told to say hi more to the ‘big’ children in the office).  I am totally obedient, 100% I do will what ever you tell or ask me to.  Kinda like a cat…

Yeah a cat.  Maybe a big one like a puma.!  I like them!   I will do what ever it is you want me to do, whenever you want me to… as long as I don’t happen to feel like doing something else.  It’s interesting to me.. I’m totally willing to take all kinds of direction, commands orders even… but if suddenly I decide I don’t want to play anymore… well lets just say you’re going to be hanging out in frustration land.  Ever try putting a leash on cat an taking it for a walk?  How about getting it to fetch a stick, ball, or anything?  Now ad the indifference of a house cat to the possible preditorial danger of the large wild cat and you have my attitude on a great number of things. 

Chuckle not sure that all made sense, but it makes PERFECT sense in my head.  😀




3 responses

11 09 2008

you are so cute

11 09 2008

is it because I’m all big and cat like? 😀

13 09 2008

It’s apart of life. You’ve got good and bad. Thanks Dave

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