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18 07 2008

Just playing,avatar_viewer,1827119684

So I got this email from some guy.. so weird.. I had posted an ad looking for a job and this is what some random wrote to me :)…

Hi Magda,


I was just browsing through Taiwanted when I came across your AD and I decided to write to you. I’m sorry because I’m writing base on a different ground not about teaching.


Living a good life and seizing the day… That is the philosophy I conform to in life, and it works wonderfully. Well, where do we start…


A cup of latte on the banks of the Lovely River, a stroll on the riverbanks over a conversation about 
nothing and everything. You are the one who enlightens me with crazy or blend observation. I, in turn,
will either provide you a pair of shoulders to lie on or be in the mood to do something interesting. I like
 to shock in making shocking statements, but if I do run out of material, let's go to the bookstore to
find out more. What about you? What do you believe in? Let's get to know each other;
I think we could
get along well.  If you are interested (which I know you will be).drop me a line. I will surely write in details,
hence I receive your response.

Random hu?



6 responses

19 07 2008

did this random man send you a picture?
what the heck???

19 07 2008

No but I keep meaning to write back and ask for one

20 07 2008

Think of me as Bug Eyed Earl from Red Meat. He he!

20 07 2008


18 08 2008

You got THAT for posting an ad for a job? What the hell?!? What kind of job did he think you were looking for?!?

18 08 2008

hahhahahahahah yea right!

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