Captain Sucky Blogger :D

6 07 2008

Sorry I have been ass about blogging… I’m bad with things that should be done regularly.. Im just not regular like that on my own.. maybe I need more ‘mental fiber’ :D.

Anyway here is an update of sorts… I’m lazy and I’ve always been more of a talker than a writer lol so I might really get into the whole vlogging scene.




6 responses

7 07 2008

that’s really cool. I couldn’t hear what you were saying cuz I checked it at school but it would be much faster I would imagine to do something like Vblogging. U’ll have to show me how you did it.

7 07 2008

Yeah that’s kinda what I was thinking.. I’ll play with it for a bit and see if I like it more. (will do the next time we’re home at the same time)

8 07 2008

hi I think you should move the web cam so you can look at your screen while you record
love mom

9 07 2008

hey! how do you do that? You so smart.
And I want to see the whole top. It looks cute 🙂


9 07 2008

I just record from the web cam (or regular cam) and talk.. way easier than typing .. lol

Ok I’ll make another vid with me wearing it and show the whole top.. it is hella cute.. totally stole it from Tracey 😀

9 07 2008

I tried but the light is wrong then 🙂

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