Jodie’s birthday in Wulai

31 05 2008

So this past weekend my friend Jodie and a large group of her/our friends rented a house out in Wulai.  The house was nice and for some reason I never took a pic of the house.. oh wait I can steal one hang on. Ha pilfered

 Anyway the house had 6-7 bedrooms and housed 25-30 people for the night.  We had a BBQ and drank like fishes, was a good time had by all if you go to my facebook pictures you can see a few of the pictures there.  The best one of the night has to be this other guy named Justin’s, Jodie passed out on the couch with a bunch of people around her with a plate on her chest that read Happy birthday.  Good times.

The night started out with a spiffy new drink we found at the 7-11…   and given the can it’s not too surprising that the night ended with 30 naked people in a hot tub drinking their faces off….
Over all it was a realyl funny weekend good times had all round.. here is a video and some pics that I can post :D.
The bikini fight ….
I was actually in the original but I edited myself out 😛  I looked like ass…
Here’s a couple of pics 🙂

I took a video of this fun tunnel out there too 🙂




3 responses

2 06 2008

I felt naughty watching that video!

3 06 2008

that was beyond hilarious. You needed to go all monty python! (you know, a spanking! a spanking! and then the oral sex)
but seriously. I hope you could see better in your tunnel video than i could cause it looked like it was so dark you could drive off the edge of the road and go flying off a cliff and die and you wouldn’t know it.

3 06 2008

Uh, does that drink say “Cock Partner”? No wonder everyone got naked.

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