A message I got.

27 05 2008

So Someone I met a couple of weeks ago sent this in reply to a message I sent them about it being nice to meet them and it would be cool to hang out some time.
“after the things you told me on saturday… there is no chance in hell that I will be seen with you anytime soon.  Thank you for opening my eyes to the insanity and delusion that you call your life before dragging me into your circle of despair. hahaha joking

Yeah we’ll keep in touch yo…take it easy magda”

WTF…. another friend talked to him today and apparently it really was a joke and he found it hilarious that both Tracey and I were shocked and horrified by it. 

I dunno I just don’t get it…… I don’t think it’s funny at all.. maybe from someone who you know well… but a new person? 




4 responses

27 05 2008

that is not cool… that just sounds hurtful, doesnt matter if there is a “haha” attached! ass!

28 05 2008

I am certain that had I received that the “hahaha joking” would NOT have softened it nor would I have seen any humor in it. I would have very likely have taken it at face value which appears to be a dark and nasty slam with a blow-off tagline and then I might become very pissed and then I’d most likely get out the ol’ voodoo doll kit and started sticking things into the ol’ voodoo penis or somesuch incredibly mature response. After learning that this guy intended it as an actual joke and rather than being a complete and total ass he merely has aboslutely no social skills or or comedic sense I might even feel slight feelings of regret after having cast the ancient and all powerful impotence forever charm . . . but only slight. But then . . . that’s just me.

31 05 2008

I know the weird part is he’s a pretty nice guy… I’m not upset or anything but… it’s just so weird.

31 05 2008


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