IRONMAN and new camera

4 05 2008

So I finally decided to replace my camera (the one that was stolen in Brazil about a year and a half ago).  I got one of the new Canon’s the name in the west is the SD890 if anyone wants to look it up.  I’m pretty excited about it, it’s similar one to the one I had (and was very happy with) before.  But they have fixed all the things I didn’t like!  It now has a battery indicator, digital stabilization, 10 mega pixels and a 5x zoom.  Pretty damn sweet for a little Camera.

I’m excited about it and totally just wanna go play with it!  I got a spare battery, and 4gig card too.  Man speaking of cards, I cannot believe how cheap memory cards are these days… a 4gig SD card is like $17.. that’s insane!

Also tonight we went to see Iron man, totally fun and entertaining movie.  Often the comic book movies turn out ASS but this one is full on good!

Ok that’s all time for bed for an early morning of yoga (assuming I’m feeling a little better)




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6 05 2008

I went and saw Ironman last night. It was really great, and didn’t fall into the same troubles as the other superhero movies. And Robert Downey Jr. looked pretty hot.

6 05 2008

yeah I know it was good times right!

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