Bad mystery dream

23 04 2008

I’m going back to bed… I should probably go to yoga.. but I don’t want to now.

Just work up… freak out and crying and stuff… obviously I had a nightmare but I can’t remember anything about it… just SERIOUS feeling scaredness.  That never happens…..  lol well I never remember these bad things so maybe it does and I don’t remember…
but wither way.. not fun 😦

Then I called a friend to try to chill out and my friend was upset because someone the window at his house (and obviously didn’t want to talk)… this day isn’t starting out too hot.

Going back to bed… lemmi try to ‘reset’ this day

PS, THANKS to everyone you helped me with the youtube thing.. and anyone else who’s reading this your help would l also be appreciated… (I never know.. do people like to be personally mentioned and thanked?)
I’m going to go on a limb and say yes!

Big THANKS, to My mom, my sister, Brian, Cody, Ray, and also Tonya tko and miltownkid (even though they don’t read this)



2 responses

23 04 2008

Were you able to reset the day?

23 04 2008

yeah, not totally but kinda… I’m kinda haggard and grumpy but better than before. Thanks for asking

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