You tube

21 04 2008

Ok so I was always having problems putting video’s on youtube and it pissed me off so I didn’t bother… but a friend helped me fix the problem I was having.  The way see it is I hang out on there enough anyway I might as well actually do some stuff there. 

Ok so right now I’m trying to build up my channel, and I’m asking my friends, family and your friends too to help me out.  What I would like you to do is to go to youtube and sign up (just need to make a user name and password.. this is handy for a couple of things like if you want to watch my videos and leave comments for me.. which for the record is totally new and exciting to me.  Then subscribe to my channel, my user name is magdalicious00 [or click here] .  If everyone would take the 5 mins to do that for me I would be hugely appreciated.. even if you never log in again it will help me get started.  I would like to try to become a youtube partner and every little bit will help in the begining.

I’m thinking about making some videos about some fitness stuff, especially running.  I seem to straddle the worlds of a lazy normal couch potato and an athlete.  I personally think I’m a unmotivated lazy athlete ;).  Anyway to a real expert I’m sure I’m just a silly girl but to many people I have helpful knowledge.  I’m thinking people who are not fit and have questions or issues can ask and I can do my best to help.. with simple things like joint pain etc especially from running I probably have experienced it and have some answers.  Any comments questions or suggestion are totally welcome.

Thanks everyone!
Oh also for now I have set my web page to direct to here….  so it’s really easy to find if you are looking for the link to my blog… (as in it’s muito easier to remember than the actual link)




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