Hey fatty…. (North) America vs Asia

20 04 2008

So this has been on my mind for a little while, and I finally remembered while sitting in front of the computer so I could write about it.  Warning this might offend you.

Everyone has heard of the BMI and there are different interpretations of the numbers etc.. and perhaps the scale has changed from when I was younger (though somehow I doubt it’s changed much).  I always remember that is was ‘ridiculous’ and ‘unrealistic’.

Fast forward to a couple of years back.  I came home for a visit and when asked by a friend if I was still chubby (gained some weight when I moved here) I said yeah.  I came home and everyone was shocked at how thin I was.  Now I really wasn’t that thin, but probably the thinnest I’ve been recently 68KG give or take a KG (BMI 24.4).  A healthy normal size.

Why did I think I was fat when I so clearly wasn’t?  Because I lived (and still do) in Asia, where people have different body types, expectations and idea’s about body shape.  And no matter what I do here given my hight people think I’m a big fatty, I would have to be less than 50kg for people to even consider my weight to be acceptable (that’s 110lbs, BMI  17.8)  and I don’t mean they would find me thin.. just ok.. but should still try to drop a couple more.   This is clearly insane!

Time jump forward again to now.  I’ve gained a couple of pounds and I’m a little overweight and out of shape.  And I often hear… if you exercise so much how come you’re so fat still?  I know… what kind of moron would say that?  But honestly I wonder about the merit of the statement from time to time.

(North)America:  In spite of my being clearly (slightly but still) overweight, I am often told I don’t need to loose any weight.  Right perhaps I don’t NEED to loose any.. I’m hardly in danger of a massive coronary, but it would benefit my health and happiness to be in better all round shape.  Yet I find the majority of people in (North) America seem to be fighting for ‘fat rights’ and fighting discrimination on being overweight etc.  Now don’t get me wrong I don’t condone cruelty or even slight meanness… but why is it appropriate that we ban smoking and drinking in many circumstances, but eating yourself into an oblivion not exercising and then bitching about how someone didn’t worship your dedication to being unfit is ok.  ???? If someone has a cigarette we don’t hesitate to condemn them (whether it is affecting you or not) but if you have 15 bags of chips and 3 pops and a ton of other junk and take no exercise…. how dare anyone mention it to you.   Like this isn’t a serious health issue???? {read} 

Some will take the stance that weight doesn’t affect others around them… wow that’s totally not true.  Obesity is now thought to be very contagious… I know a few people who can personally attest to that.  And there are several articles about studies on this matter and here is one.  Feel free to Google it of you want more information.   To be honest I don’t really think that most of what people do is anyone else’s business… but what I have found is if the masses agree that being 30-50lbs over weight is acceptable nay healthy and normal.. it alters your own perceptions.  It goes both ways, in Asia everyone is obsessed with being tiny to a unrealistic and obnoxious level and in (North) America people are often equally ridiculous in the opposite direction.

Back to the BMI clearly the calculator they use on the internet can’t take bone density and muscle mass for highly athletic people into account.  And obviously those things make a difference, but it does give you  a decent scale to work from.   My MBI right now is approximately 26.7, and my ideal is supposed to range from (depending on where you look) 18 or 19 to 24 or 25.8.  According to this I am only mildly over weight, which is by the way the way I feel about it.   I’m not at the right weight/size/fitness level nor am I fatty McFatterson.

Anyway that was a long ass post, to say I think everyone is kinda messed about weight, fitness and body shape.  You should just work to feel good, be healthy and if you’re happy with what you’ve got then perfect.

Oh one last comment, I have a friend that when home hears constantly about how she is too thin.. and doesn’t eat enough.  She is a normal, healthy slim girl and her BMI is right in the middle to middle top range.  And another person, who was obese and has recently (over time in a health right food and exercise way) lost over 50lbs and while she is in pretty good shape is still a little overweight, got a ‘talking to’ from a concerned friend about anorexia and the dangers of getting too thin….

             seriously… reality people, check it sometimes.




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21 04 2008

Just used the BMI calculator. I’m in the best shape of my life and the most active I’ve ever been and I’m at 25.8. So fuck them. I’ve got some extra muscle mass and I’m proud of it!
Eric Martin
P.S. When are you coming to Waterloo?

21 04 2008

LOL I think the scale is different for boys 🙂 yeah dude 26.4 and under is ‘healthy’ you’re totally in the slim trim and sexy category 😀

I dunno.. what’s your damn email.. lol. I’ll have to give a real update sometime.. or hell phone number!

23 04 2008

People these days have fucked up expectations about what they are supposed to look like. Did you know that in kindergarten, (yes, KINDERGARTEN) my daughter was being called “fat” by a couple of her snotty little classmates? You’ve seen pics of her on facebook – I mean seriously, fuck off! The key is being healthy and happy, and accepting that you will never look like (or have the “proper” numbers, such as weight and BMI) what society expects. Ever. And that’s okay.

23 04 2008

Don’t get me wrong I think it’s fucked up all round.. but still what many people insist is a healthy weight … really isn’t. Children are generally exempt from this and it pisses me off when people (not you, just people) lump kids into it.. kids are totally different.

But really it pisses me off that people bug me about being a fat cow (to them fuck off.. I’m not that big), but it also irritates me that people tell me I’m healthy and fine.. I”M OVER WEIGHT.. not a lot.. but still I would be healthier if I wasn’t damn it.

23 04 2008

Well we aren’t exactly neighbors, but from what I can see, you’re not sitting on your arse eating bon-bons all day (even though sometimes that is totally okay). You do fricking marathons, yoga, you’ve done martial arts, god knows what else… But don’t listen to me. It’s your body, and only you know what is and isn’t okay for your body and your self-image. Screw what “everybody else” thinks.

23 04 2008

LOL bon bons! What an awesome image!!! I so wanna sit on my ass eating bon bons all day! True true.. but I have this icky slow metabolism.. and While I do all those things man I’m so lazy 😛 I’m all dedicated one week and bon bons the next.

No I hear you and thats kinda what I’m saying, but it’s fucked up because you’re influence by those around you.. and if people are obsessing about being thin you get a complex in if everyone i s porking it up and going on about how you’re slim you get complacent.. lol.. headphones in focus on me 😀

hugs miss you .. bon bons seriously good times

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