pancakes and rabbits

16 04 2008

So I meant to write about something a couple of days ago.. and of course I didn’t do it so now I’ve completely forgotten.   oops

Anyway, we had some people over on the weekend for pancakes! (yay pawning the damn things off on some friends!) That was a pretty good time actually, and it was nice because Emma (a teach at my yoga studio) brought her friend B who is really cool, so new people to chat with along with old friends was a really nice mix.

This work has been it’s usually work like thing… except I started a fun thing in my Grade two class.  I brought a stuffed toy to school, this became our class pet, it has it’s own journal that it takes everywhere.  Everyday a different student gets to take it home and help it write about it’s day in it’s journal.  I got the idea from one of the stories in our reading book and thought it was pretty damn cool.  We just started it but the kids love it so far and are very enthusiastic. 

I hope it works out.. if it does I’m going to do it with my new class next semester.



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