The Jane Austen Book Club

13 04 2008

Tracey lent me this movie that she had rented, Called the Jane Austen Book Club.  And it was really good, all kinds of trials problems and these women with all these real problems.  BUT It all goes well things turn out for the best, even in nice ways sometimes.  Anyway not to give too much away, but these women with pretty different lives all decide to get together and have the book club to distract them selves from other things.   It was really good I totally recommend watching this one 🙂

I went out last night, had a pretty good time.  It was cool one of my friends (Rachael) was out, Rachel is a friend from about 5 years ago that I occasionally lose touch with.  Anyway neither of us goes out much any more, she doesn’t even live in Taipei city anymore.  Needless to say I don’t see all that much of her these days.  So catching up with her was cool.

Also I’ve started looking into some possible future plans for my self, nothing solid yet.. just tentative plans.
  thats all.. thinking about foraging for something to eat… then bed




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