Weird dream, Break in, and rain

1 04 2008

So a couple of nights ago I had this totally weird ass dream in which I had to have some freaky surgery on my left hand.  And it ended up being all ok, but it was pretty serious and all touch and go for a while (aka really might die).  I guess I didn’t share anything with anyone and kept all  the shit to my self, I ended up getting a bunch of flack about not doing stuff with ym hand.  Like people yelling at me for being lazy and shit.  Finially I got pissed and let eome folks in on the fact that I had had major surgery and had almost dies (on my hand?!?! who dies froom hand surgery…??)   I was just really fucking stressed and having a super hard time.. was really weird.. then I woke up.

   The girls from the other appartment called me this week, apparently someone busted into their building and stole some stuff from the 4th floor.  Understandably they’re all stressed out about it, so I called the landlord apparently there are some arrangements being made about the first floor door, and he’s coming by in a couple of days to give me the keys for the bedroom doors.  He wouldn’t pay for a a new lock on the patio door, but it wasn’t too expensive so I just split the cost with the girls in the house ( I paid half and they split the other half).  So that’s alsmost delt with now.

And I would like to edit a comment I made when I was in Brazil about rain.  I said that the one cool thing about rain, was going for a run in it.  That going for a run in the rain made me feel all hardcore, which is cool thus I like the run more and hate the rain less.  Yeah, that is still totally true, EXCEPT, when it’s freaking cold…. I hate the cold… it’s raining and cold and I really REALLY want to go for a run but it’s fricken cold out there,  AND I don’t wanna get fricken sick….  pout

That is all :D>




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3 04 2008

I ran in the rain once so far here. Felt all hardcore and stuff. But I’ve been super thankful that it hasn’t rained again on my run time!

I was going to get up early and run this morning, cuz I have a workshop tonight and won’t get home till 8:30. But you know what they say the road to hell is paved with… Snooze buttons. I just can’t crawl out of bed in the hour of five. Nope. I’d rather run late at night. Sick, huh?

3 04 2008

Honestly I wouldn’t mind the rain if it weren’t so DAMN cold. I was really gung ho to run today and I am not going now… too cold and wet.. bleh!!! (yes I’m being a baby)

3 04 2008

Back in my runner days, running in the rain was definitely my favorite experience, it somehow added to the solitary task, in a good way.

Oh, and I hate you for paying off your student loan before me! I think I still have 9000 left. fuck me.


3 04 2008

LOL now now.. remember that I only paid off one.. I still owe 6 grand on the other and 14 on stupid visa too .. so you can still love me a little longer 😀

10 04 2008

Nah I usually run late at night.. too lazy to get up and actually do anything.

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