30 03 2008

This is mostly from a message I sent to some people on facebook.. but I’ll share it with you guys too! 
Ok so I’ve mentioned it a few times… but twitter is a really cool little site. It’s primary purpose is to be like like the status updates on face book (just the updates, like what are you doing now) and it sends all your contacts a (free) text message updating them on what you are doing. This is cool and fun. But the main reason I use the site is for the free texting.

This is really cool, especially if you have friends in other countries.. extra especially if they are on a diff net work and for some reason you can’t text them.. or you don’t wanna pay for international texts.

All you have to do is go to and create an account, then search for your friends (my user name is magdalicious and I’m using my gmail, you “follow” them and get them to follow you. Then you go into settings, turn notifications on (clearly marked) enter your cellphone number including country code plus your number… then it will tell you to send a text message to a number with some random letters in it to verify your number.  And after that presto.

You can log in on your computer to the site, go to direct messages.. choose who you want to send the message to (via user name list at the top of the message) and twitter will send that person your message directly to their phone. Presto… as many people are near a computer most of the day… it’s super easy to login and type a quick message and send it out.   It’s a very simple and easy way to stay instantly in touch, and if all the message you send or post are online via the computer it’s generally free to very cheap.

It would be pretty cool if some people back home or other places joined up too…

Ps it’s not like other free texting things were you end up getting all these annoying junk texts.. I don’t think I have ever gotten anything that wasn’t legit in the 8 months that Ive been using it.

Bleh I’ve been avoiding it but I need to ‘clean up” my computer and reinstall windows.. yuck yuck yuck




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