No wonder he hates me.

27 03 2008

Lol, I mean I know I do things that are amusing to  me to the cat all the time, and I’m sure those things irritate him.. but nothing compared to taking him to the vet.  I mean really, I would be pretty unimpressed if someone dragged me somewhere in a box, put me on a cold steel table, rammed a stick up my ass and held it there, poked, prodded, inspected and investigated me.  And then jabbed me with a needle… all without know what the hell I have done to deserve this.  Gold star for him though apparently even though he was wildly frightened and hated every second of it, according to the vet and the vet’s assistant he was really very well behaved.  And I figured out how to not want to beat him to death in transport, (he yowels like nothing you’ve ever heard) noise canceling headphones with music!

A group of us are supposed to be going to green island on the next long weekend.  I would like to go, but then part of me is horribly lazy and unmotivated and wants to hang out in my room… hmmm.. perhaps I’m still a little cranky   🙂 C’est la vie.

Maybe I’ll get a little reading done, or maybe some paper work before class…. yeah finished at 4pm today.




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