27 03 2008

Ok so I want to do something, and I’m not entirely certain how to go about it.  I have some ideas but I haven’t investigated them fully nor made any decisions.

  I want to have a charity thing…. I’m not sure if I want to set it up to go to something I want it to.. or if I want to just send everything earned to a larger charity ( like aids research or breast cancer or something).

The sketched out idea I have is to basically get everyone I know and everyone they know to compete with each other to raise money toward (a cause).   And the one who contributes the most (themselves, plus what they can raise) will win a  prize.   I got the idea because my friend is running a charity and it seemed cool so I want to play too.  And I was thinking about someone I know an Ipod and nike running attachment.  but then I thought … hey if I just buy this for someone then that’s where it ends.. but if I make it a donations contributions competitions.. then in all likely hood I will raise more money for charity than I spend.  Which makes my purchase more a charity donation than frivolous spending and also I get to be excited about doing good things :).

   Anyway I’m not sure how I’m going to go about it … but I’m working on figuring that out, if you have any suggestions, or encouragements please share.  If you have any negative comments .. keep em to your self ;).

Yay  I completed my goal, time to set a new one! (and I completed it in 3 weeks!)

Oh an add on, I just updated my blog.  I changed the lay out and colour, I really like the white on black, but a friend pointed out that it’s not no nice on the eyes when you have to read a lot.  As I have been posting a bunch I thought it might be time to change my colour and layout scheme.   The speak button is for leaving comments, and there are a bunch of different links and things along the side.  If you have any questions please ask and I’ll do my best to answer. 🙂  



3 responses

30 03 2008

great idea !! i think it is very cool thing to do. I think your idea of using a larger charity is good if it is only a small charity then people do not think the money goes to the charity for some reason if you did Breast cancer you could get all the money and donate it in the name of your group Like “Mag’s wild runners “…lol then anyone can check if the money went to the charity like you said it did. this is what we did when i shaved my head we gave 1600 bucks to breast cancer in the name of SWU local 1- 242. great job on doing your goal

30 03 2008

Yeah.. I’m not really sure how much money I can get together.. I will probably help my friend’s charity or just add it to something big… then when I’ve figured some things out I can make my own.

1 04 2008

cool thanks for the suggestion!

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