Where I can never work.

25 03 2008

Movenpick.    The most wonderful place on earth.. a little piece of heaven scooped out into a bowl just for me..  And I swear if I ever worked there I would seriously balloon to the size of a small house.   We were tasting all the flavours… seriously I can barely handle it.  SSSOOO good.

Ok, that’s all I just wanted to talk about ice cream…

Oh and I’m still reading that Learned Optimism book, it’s really good.  For a second I kinda wondered because it seemed to be saying that you don’t need to nor should you take responsibility for thing… but that’s not it.. and he clarifies that further into the book.  The only bad thing is that print is really small.  It reads a little like a case study but it’s really interesting and so far seems to be hitting the nail on the head.

I really recommend it.  (keeping in mind I’m only 1/4 of the way through)




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