Ha 1 loan and 1 credit card down.

25 03 2008

Ok the credit card is hardly something to be bragging about… I paid it off like 3 years ago.. possibly longer.
And admittedly the student loan I just paid off was only for like $5-6000 in the first place, so nothing all that impressive.  But what ever.. yay me!

It’s funny I was looking at my money program and was looking at the 2+ grand I have in my account and the $560 I had left on my student loan. I was thinking about how exciting it is that in 4 months it will be gone and I’ll only have the one loan and my visa to kill.  And I was like.. wtf??? why am I waiting 4 months making these silly little ass payments when I have the money right there??? it’s not like it’s so much that it will make it so my money won’t cover my other payments for a few months.

So my being the clever bunny I am, I called them and sorted it all out.  It should be finalized and “Really Truly” paid off within 4 days.  It was pretty funny because the girl was clearly going through her assigned speech about the next time you call and phone pins and things that like.  Finally I had to point out to her that it was all kinda irrelevant as I was paying it off and wasn’t likely to be calling again :D.





4 responses

26 03 2008

Good for you!!!

26 03 2008


28 03 2008

Hey, you deserve a pat on the back, any time you pay ANYTHING off it’s a good thing. Less interest you have to pay. Happy dance!

28 03 2008

yay… next is the credit card.. shake in fear you.. card you

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