Marathon, and thoughs.

23 03 2008

    I’m not complaining, but I do find it a little disheartening that my friends seem to find going out and drink more important than supporting me at a race.  I’m not angry, I’m not upset I just think it sucks a little.  I’m sure it has to do with me and how I express things I’ve never said full on I want you guys to come (although I kinda have) but perhaps I never made it clear how much it would mean to me.    And I know that running is a pretty solitary sport.. but it’s not easy, and I mean I know I don’t need the support and people showing up.  I don’t need hugs or birthday presents either, but they sure do mean a lot when I get them and I feel mighty sad when I don’t get any.
     Oh well, next time I’ll just have to be clear about how much it would mean to me if some friends would show up for the end and go out for breakfast or coffee afterwards 🙂     (btw I’m not looking for sympathy or apologies or anything, just expressing some feelings)

  That said, My run this morning was pretty good all things considered.   It wasn’t my best time, sigh, but it was my second best time!  And I’m like 6+kg’s heavier and in much worse shape than I was when I ran my best, so honestly I think that in the end this might be my best run.  Mentally it definitely was.

So here are all my stats thus far:
            Race:                 Overall Rank:                  Rank in group:                 Time:    
    Toroko 2005                    685                                       17                            2:15:04       (hours:minutes:seconds)    
       ING 2005                      2022                                       9                             2:09:00
Nike Freeway 2006            984                                         6                             2:02:23
       ING 2007                     2543                                       15                            2:09:24
   Tainan 2008                     848                                         7                             2:12:37   bad bad out of shape 😉
Carrfour frway 2008            967                                        5                             2:04:27     the one I ran today 😀  2 mins slower than my best time

The nike thing needs to be calibrated again I guess, it only recorded 20 ish km’s and I suspect that the organizers measured it out right :D.  But that’s ok, I don’t mind it being a little inaccurate.   Oh and when I got home today the Marathon didn’t upload to the nike site.. I was so irritated but after some tinkering and research online I fixed.. yeah happy. 

Another cool things is while I was looking for a solution I found a link to this other page called  this site it pretty cool because it has some of the same features of the nike site (you can upload your nike files to it too).  But what’s really cool about this other site is you don’t need any accessories to use it, and yo u get to record different kinds of exercise too.  Running, swimming, cycling, walking, and weight lifting, if they only has a yoga/other/martial arts category it would be damn near perfect.  Anyway anyone else who is working out and wants to record and share their work out data, have challenges and stuff should check out this site 🙂




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25 03 2008

the girls are thrilled with the site you found
love mom

25 03 2008


26 03 2008

I totally get what you mean. I tried hinting to Steve that I wanted him to be at the end of the Sun Run when I finish it, and he totally wasn’t biting. Finally I said to him “it’s really important to me that you be there supporting me, it would really mean a lot to me, please”. Now he’s going to be there cheering me on. He wasn’t pickin up what I was puttin down when I was just hinting. Sometimes you just have to come straight out and ask.

Good for you for recognizing that, honey. Expectations are pre-meditated resentments, as Sammy always says.

I wish I’d been able to be there for you…

26 03 2008

Thanks, I was thinking the same thing I wish I could be there for you too. Yay I am glad I realized it’s my own fault for not being more clear. Plus I talked to a couple of people and they were like “oh.. hu why would you care if anyone was there at the end.. I wouldn’t care.” … weirdos 🙂

28 03 2008

I think having the support of your friends is super important, and I don’t blame you for feeling dumped on when you don’t get it. I can’t be there in person, but next time you’re racing, feel free to imagine me at the end of it holding an enormous sign saying “GO MAGDA” – a sign so big that I’m stumbling all over the place trying to hold it up and making a complete ass of myself. And we may as well pretend I’m wearing bunny ears, too – hey, why not? It’s all in good fun.

28 03 2008

See me too :).. I knew I couldn’t be alone in this. Bunny ears.. heh and a tail?

31 03 2008

why not? just don’t put me in one of those bodysuits the playboy bunnies wear – trust me, wouldn’t be a very pretty sight. You’d keel over with laughter/horror and probably lose your race. Then I’d have to hop away REALLY FAST.

1 04 2008

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH now I’m envisioning you in that suit with your ankles tied together so you can’t walk you must hop.. hehehehhehhehhe it’s very amusing

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