21 03 2008

What does that mean?  Nothing, my finger just feels a little like after it’s been backwards, but it hasn’t.  Thus the only possible explanation is Random finger benders attacked me in my sleep.  obviously.

BAh my throat hurts and I feel some icky sickies coming on.. this blows nice and hard as I have a race this Sunday… at 6am.. GOOD times ;).
I’m reading a new book, because why would I want to finish any of the old ones before getting into a new one, called learned optimism.  So far it’s pretty good, I’m liking the fact that this guy has studies that support my theory that this insidious “you are so special, and no matter what you do you are fantastic and perfect” trend towards stroking someone’s self confidence for no reason might actually cause more harm than help.  That and medical and psychological treatment can remove depression but it won’t make you happy.  Anyway so far it’s been pretty good, god knows when I’ll ever finish it 😉  I’m only chewing on 4-6 of them at the moment anyway.

Ok, back to reading and a little watching my movie.  (the heart break kid.. will review later)
The heart break kid is silly but pretty funny, one of those situations that everyone is afraid they are going to end up in…




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21 03 2008

Helloooo old friend,

How goes it? I agree with that theory. Sure we are all individual to a point – but really all very similar in the grand scheme of things. Y’know, compared to the Earth, galaxy, universe etc… yeah, we are all pretty similar. But, not to say that we can’t accomplish amazing thing and have ideas so different from the next person.

Okay, just wanted to give you a little blast from the past 🙂


24 03 2008

Wow.. hey! Miss you.. we were talking about you the other day and I thought gee I miss Carla being around 🙂

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