Calling in to work :sugar”…

18 03 2008

  So this morning I woke to massive thunder, imediately followed by torrental down pour of rain.. and among the first things I thought was “hmm I wonder if I can call into work “sugar””, as in I am made of sugar and can’t come to work in this because I’ll melt.  ‘Course I’m just being silly, 😉 I don’t have to go to work for over an hour and it will have stopped or at least let up by then… actually… i think it already has.

There were other things to write but I’m still sleepy.. I’m sure if they’re actually interesting they will come to me later.

Oh… funny ticket thing, I got this weird parking ticket in the mail and as I’m illiterate here I have no idea what it said, but it was different than any other I have received before.  So I took it to work and and asked, 1 why it looked weird and 2 why it was double the normal price.  after a long inspection my co-worker giggled and asked what kind of motorcycle do I drive?  Turns out that while my plate number is mine (obviously as that how they get your address to send you your ticket) the bike is not.  How is this possible you ask?  I have no idea, but on the ticket it’s a parking ticket for 500cc or higher motorcycle (by standards here a big ass one that can cruise the freeway, by home standards are real motorcycle).  I know most of you would have never seen my bike… wait hang on.. my facebook profile pic is me sitting on it!  Anyway it’s clearly a 125cc scooter.  That should be fun when I take it to the office to dispute it :), I intend to get out of the ticket entirely as it’s ridiculous. (perhaps I’ll do it today)

Oh I’m meeting up with Daniel for lunch today, he’s one of the many Taipei folks that I met for the first time in Boracay.. random.




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