Bah… ipod

18 03 2008

So I’m not cranky…. I’m happy cheerful and sunny.  If I say it enough times perhaps it will come true :P.    So 3km’s into my run today my ipod froze and I had to reset it, what does this do you ask?   Well it ever so conveniently erases all your run data for you! YAY  just what I wanted it to do… that didn’t upset me and have the opposite desired affect.  It totally didn’t make me want to take a cab home, fuck this run and sulk.. noooo.  Ok I only considered that for a min and then was realized I was acting like the 3 year olds I teach and perhaps I should endeavor to be a smidge more grown up about the whole thing.    Also known as I’m going to let Tracey play with my running kit and she can log up my missing KM’s (now totaling over 11km’s, not that I’m counting or anything).

Who cares right, well in the grand scheme of ok anything it totally doesn’t matter but I’m childish, and I have a goal on the nike page and it’s in no way hard to reach but still.. it’s gets a skitch challenging when you keep loosing runs that you are actually doing.   Yay I know I’m doing them but this WEB PAGE DOESN”T and seriously… if that doesn’t put it into perspective for yeah then nothing will ;).

So this is my progress on my goal thus far… (+11km’s DAMN IT)  and this is the challenge I joined… it’s just people from all over running and seeing who runs the most.. the first two people … well I can only assume they are being chased by lions, tigers and bears…

Ok that’s all going to watch Ratatouille now :).  and sulk .. yes I shall sulk a little too.. with my tea.




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