10,000 BC and the chinese dudes

15 03 2008

So I went out to see the movie 10,000 BC with Aras last night.  It was a pretty good movie, I sure liked it!  It’s a little apocolipto-esk in a good way.  It’s definitely worth seeing though. 

So on Thursday Trace and I went to Shamen to get some stuff, actually we were just looking for a fridge, but I found a pretty good deal on an AC for Trace and she found this chair she really liked so we ended up getting a few things.  So the guys came tonight, and where really late, not a crisis for me but Tracey is kinda punctual and doesn’t like it when folks are late.   And way I ended up feeling really bad, because I lost my temper a little and ended up shouting at one of the guys.  What he did was kinda dumb, but there was no reason for me to yell.   What happened was, the guy was messing with the fuse box and then with out any warning just started flicking everything off and on.  Clearly he was looking for the ac plug breaker in Tracey’s room, but I was working on my computer when he was doing it and he cut the power to my room.  I was just pissed because he should have mentioned he was testing things so I could have turned off my computer and saved stuff first.   In the end they were so apologetic I just felt like a horrible jerk. 😦

Then, and this part kinda amused me.  When we to check out the finished product, I was like .. um…. so you broke the window?  When they put a screw in the window frame they busted the glass…  I didn’t get mad, (yeah me) I just asked.. so what do you plan to do about it?  They were like oh well if it becomes a problem down the line then call us and we’ll fix it.  I told them that wasn’t really ok, since this wasn’t my house and my landlord would be mighty upset about a broken window.  So they are coming back on Tuesday to replace the glass.

But I really do feel pretty bad for them, as that broken window pretty much kills any profit they get from this job.  Plus the mean foreign girl shouted at them….  me bad 😦




3 responses

15 03 2008

A lil bit both you bad, them incompetant.

16 03 2008

how did they break a window putting a fridge and a chair in?

16 03 2008

And tracey’s ac 🙂

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