Nike + and new runners

11 03 2008

So I finally went out and got new running shoes, really necessary  as I have another 1/2 marathon on the 23rd and it sucks running 20+kms in older shoes… bliiiisteerrs. :D.   Also I have been playing with my little Ipod nike doohicky, it’s pretty fun.  When you finish the run you plug your ipod into your computer and it uploads it to th nikeplus web page.  Then it graphs these things all pretty like for you!

Also you can create or join challenges, like run the most in a certain amount of time, run a distance the fastest etc.  And you can also set personal goals for yourself that it tracks and lets you know how you are doing and if you are on track from completing your goal.  I’m gonna go give my new shoes a test drive and have a run as it’s nice and sunny out today .

Ok so I went for my run and my computer crashed when I hooked up my ipod and deleted my work out… just for the record it was 9km… I’m a little unhappy about that but I’m just going to let it go… and I guess go running tomorrow… sigh

Oh and on another note…. if I here any variation on the “You run a lot and do lots of sports hu? how come you’re so fat? comment again I’m gonna slap someone… ignorant tools…..




3 responses

12 03 2008

ask them how they can be speaking when they are so obviously stupid?

12 03 2008

Ha well the one who said it recently was all stressed and apologized like 15times

15 03 2008

WOW. Are you fuckin kidding me??

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