Funny monday.. and dish theory

10 03 2008

So I have this theory about dishes… and actually this principal applies to so many other things.

Here it is….
                            You can do as many dishes as you can, you could do every dish available (yours and not yours).  BUT if you leave one dish of yours you will get flack at some point for not washing your dishes.  Now why does this happen?  Because we (all people) often don’t remember what dishes we used but we ALWAYS know which ones we didn’t.  Thus when a dish or two of yours get washed by another, you likely will not even notice or if you do you think “hmm didn’t I have a.. hm I musta cleaned it” (of course we notice when we have left a big pile of dishes or a mess and someone cleans it up, I’m talking a plate here a bowl there).  But you always notice when other people leave a dish or two in the sink that DO NOT belong to you.   And eventually at some point be irked at other people about them not doing things.

This was in no way a rant.. merely an observation that I had made in mind a few weeks ago and I have noticed it being true over and over again in different situations 🙂 just kinda funny  is all.

So I have spent the last 4 hours piddling about on the internet watching comedians on youtube…  here is a small sampling of what I’ve beem giggling about all evening.

Jim Jeffreys   ... crass but fuuuunny

[Error: close lj-embed tag without open tag]Jeff Dunham and peanut

Achmed the dead terrorist… heh
[Error: close lj-embed tag without open tag]

That is all 🙂 hope you find them amusing.



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