Boring day

9 03 2008

So I missed brunch with all my friends because I wanted to go for a run and after that everyone was busy.  That was fine, but I’m kinda bummed because no one wants to hang out with me.. unless I want to go do the things they want to do.  But I’m not really a big fan of shopping and most of the stuff they are doing.  I invited 20+ people over to hang out and play some games, but in spite of the fact that whenever I mention it everyone is keen on it no one replied anyone who did either said no or have bailed. 

Not the end of the world but it’s put me in not the best of moods.

That and my run sucked ass, I was slow and my joints all hurt and generally it was just kinda crap. (that’s me little miss sun shine today).

I guess I’m just grumpy.




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