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8 03 2008

I’m going to try to update a little everyday or two.. I’m sure I can come up with some amusing little thing from each day to share 🙂

As for the past few months.  I went to the Philippines, had a decent time in Boracay sun sand that was nice.  It was really nice seeing Richelle.  It was little odd meeting all the Taipei people that I didn’t know and hanging out with all my Taipei friends while there.. but it was cool too.

I found a new job, that I’m not super keen on but it’s ok.  It’s pretty chill but I’ not feeling hanging with the babies.  
My games class that I opened is going well, I’m currently looking for ways to get more students and open more classes.  I hope to get other classes running with other people teaching them for me, win win for everyone.  In that line of thinking my friend Gabbi and have an appointment to meet with the head of the English department at the University I hope to be able to advertise there if nothing else. 

Not to much else to report… bit of a boring post right now

Oh I did get a new toy today, I bought something today that I have been itching to get for quite sometime now.  The Nike Ipod accessory.  It tracks the distance speed pace and all that fun stuff of your runs.  And when you upload it to the Nikeplus web page it gives you all these fun little visuals to go with your run.  I really haven’t had much chance to play with it but so far it’s pretty cool.  It gives you little updates about how fast or slow you’re going and how far you’ve run so far etc.  Many people have said that it’s like having a little personal trainer in your own Ipod.  🙂

Ok that’s all for now, I’m gonna get to bed and try to get up early and maybe get up and play with my new accessory some more. 
Night night.




3 responses

15 03 2008

Yay, very cool that you got your games class going!!! You entrepreneur, you!!

Sam will be so jealous of the Nike i/Pod thingy. :o)

15 03 2008

Oh, whoops, I’m anonymous.


16 03 2008

lol all you have to do is make an account and then you have a name and you can see the locked stuff too.. not that there is much of that but still

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