Well merry ho ho to you too…

18 12 2007

….So.. I could try to catch up but we all know that just means I’ll stop posting again..

This weekend I ran The ING half marathon, I didn’t train properly unfortunately and I was very disappointed with myself and my performance.  I rant the 21 km in 2 hours, 9 mins and 24 seconds and was 15th in my group.  I’m sure many people (as I’ve been told) agree that it’s nothing to be ashamed of, but knowing I’m capable of much better and just didn’t push hard enough makes me very upset.

So again this year I’m not feeling very Christmassy, I haven;t for a few years.  It kinda bums me out because I used to really like Christmas and it has some how lost all it’s magic for me.  I know it’s me.. but I’m not sure what to do about it.  Perhaps lock myself in my room and listen to Dolly, Kenny, and Tennessee belt out xmas tunes? 

I am looking forward to This weekend, we are supposed to go out to couple of different parties (although I’m not feeling very party at the moment, will explain in a sec). and we are having a little get together on Tuesday for Christmas.  I finish work early (11am) and Dave and Merril don’t work at all on Tuesday so they are coming over to help make turkey dinner.  Erin, Melissa, Tracey, Arden, Elliot, and hopefully Cody and Rob too are coming over after work for dinner / drinks / hanging out / presents.  That should be nice :).  And the weekend after my co worker David is having a party at his house (out in Shi Jr though :P).

So why I’m grumpy, a couple of reasons.  I’m feeling kinda ick and down and know it’s related to the lack of sun that I have been exposed to.  My fault mostly the weather has actually been pretty good but due to work / busy-ness / funky mood etc I haven’t been out much when the suns been shining.  But I went tanning today to help try to rectify that ( I just started to recognize the signs of my SADS depression setting in).

And.. and here’s the fun stuff… Someone stole my credit card out of my Wallet and Charged up $3000 CAD on it.  I didn’t know it was stolen because, the cash and the wallet it was in were all not disturbed.  I honestly don’t even know when it was stolen.  I just saw the charges online… had a minor heart attack checked my wallet and started to cry.  The only two places/times that it could have been taken were, Sat night at my friend Megan’s house, someone could have easily taken it from my wallet while I was in the other room.  But really I doubt that her friends would have done something like that.  I would really like to think that, that scenario is impossible, (but you really never know).  And the other, which I suspect is more likely, is that someone broke into my bike (with out me knowing?!? how I don’t know) and stole my card out of my wallet… wait for it.. while I was RUNNING A FUCKING 1/2 MARATHON… PRICKS.  Not only are they evil and shit heads, but they are enormously clever, I would have noticed missing cash immediately and checked for the credit card.  As is, I had no reason to suspect it was gone so didn’t even look.  So now I’m all stressed out and have to deal with all of this bullshit again!!!

I called visa and burst into tears, and they told me everything I need to do (funny it’s still kinda fresh from the last time…god this sucks ).  Everything should be fine but it just kinda sucks having to deal with this.  Anyway I lowered my credit limit and also told them to flag, and put a hold on my card if any transaction over $150 happens on my card that is not to an airline.  As i almost never use my card and when I do it is almost always under a hundred dollars.  Anything over that, I can just bloody remember to call them and tell them that I’m buying something more expensive.

Ok it’s way past my bedtime and I need to get to sleep I have a busy day tomorrow.  I have to go to work in 7 hours, then file a police report, get my hair cut (i have an appointment already that I can’t cancel) then work all afternoon and then call the bank. bleh




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19 12 2007

hey, sorry to hear all this – as I said earlier today. If there is anything I can do to make you feel merrier and more Christmas-y let me know and I will help out. I am going out to my friend’s house for wine tonight if you want to come…

19 12 2007

oh honey, i am so sorry to hear that. Will it all be covered by fraud insurance?

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