Updating a little

22 11 2007

I last updated on Friday, On sat we went to Chicago to play at Gameworks that was actually much more fun than I was expecting.  I got this little card and played these fun interactive video games, honestly I expected to not enjoy it because video games wear thin for me pretty quick, but honestly I really had fun.  Also it was really cool because Carla and her boyfriend met up with me.  That was really cool I havent seen Carla since she moved home so catching up was kinda wild.

 We drove back to Milwaukee that night, went home changed and then went out to the club.  The club was so different than what I am used to, the people in the club were a lot older than I’m used to and it was all around really different.  They go all out with the decorations in Taipei, but the club seemed much more basic, just a few big ole rooms with a bunch of people hanging out.  It was really interesting and fun though.  Ha this one guy was being a  bit of a dip, he came up and was trying to be all slick made some moves in Spanish.  I was like uh ok.. chatted for a min and then when I tried to leave he was like where you going.. I said my friend (and pointed to Casey) is waiting for me so I am going now.  He’s like “what kinda of guy is going to just walk off and leave you with me?” I laughed and said “The kind that knows I can take care of myself…. ” Holy machismo batman.  Anyway the night was fun, but we ended up being out really late and I was deathly tired.

On Sunday and Monday we went to a movie and did some shopping, I got my I pod and some clothes from the gap, I’m really feeling the product  red thing, i like that stuff I wanted anyway is donating to charity. I paid more for the one shirt than I would have liked to but the other two were really cheap.  Plus we went to Stevie and Barry’s and checked out the insanely cheap clothes, I got this great hoodie for $12, Casey got all these crazy amazing clothes like 6 pairs of pants, three pairs of shoes and a buncha shirts for something like $100.  On tuesday we went to this really cool place called the safe house, it used to be a safe house for gangsters back in the day, it’s converted into a restaurant with a bar, all of these fun hidden rooms and cool things to look at.   They also had the best magician, he did these tricks that totally blew my mind!  I mean he was up close and personal and he did the most amazing things with these cards, I’ve never seen anything like it before.





One response

27 11 2007

Sounds like an interesting yet relaxing trip. Your trips usually seem so busy and hurried!

So what do you think of the area you are visiting? I mean, if you weren’t there to see friends, would you go there anyways? Just curious. My boyfriend’s parents are taking us on a trip in the spring and told us we could pick any American city. We loved San Francisco so much in August that we chose to go back there so we could see more. We only had a few days there this year, and didn’t get to see all the sites. Plus, it is super clean and very progressive. Perhaps we should have chosen somewhere new, but oh well, San Francisco will be great.

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