I see no one is reading this ;)

2 11 2007

So I’ve been here for a almost a week…. I really don’t like work.  Now keep in mind I like my jobs, I actually enjoy going in most days.. but I don’t like work… I don’t like that I have to go back at set times… it POO I say.  Mostly I just like jetting off and doing nothing for set periods of time.

I haven’t gotten to see or do much, as my host has been kinda busy but he’s taking some time off work next week so hopefully there will be more time to do stuff.  I did walk around downtown along the ‘River Walk” yesterday afternoon that was ok but I started to feel sick, which was kinda a bummer….

Today I’m hanging out at the school while KC is working and afterwards we’re going.. hmm actually I’m not sure what we’re doing I know We (kc and friends) are going to see American Gangster tonight .. looks good, and it just has to be better than the movie we watched last night, 30 days of night.. that went way past silly.

Oh now I’m hungry so I’m gonna go a looking for food…



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3 11 2007

I’m reading… I’m even trying to muster the energy to post 😀

5 11 2007

mmm wait a min, i have read* your last couple of post, where the heck are your, who are you with and what are you doing? r u working, playing. omg i am so confused, you might have to send me an email to clarify, maybe i am stupid but i dont understand, i hope your doing well tho and lots of loves from meeeeeeeeeeeee


*scanned through looking for key words

5 11 2007

I am!!! Just busy! Some of us are WORKING you know…


8 11 2007

I lost your journal page for a time as i had to rest my computer back to day one
sounds like you are having a good time
love mom

9 11 2007

Oh ok, that sucks.. I have to do that to my computer when I get home.

9 11 2007

BUSY??? pfft lol just kidding

9 11 2007

I’m in Milwaukee, I’m visiting Casey .. so just playing 😛

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