The rest of my flights…arrival

30 10 2007

Not only was there no free internet in Tokyo.. ( not that I was expecting or even holding on a dream for it) but my flight got delayed so bad that I ended up missing my connection in Chicago.  And ended up having to take a bus from Chicago to Milwaukee.  In the end it really wasn’t all that bad but I was all jet lagged feeling sick and upset about the flight mess so it was feeling sort of a mess to me…. and then to make things worse I was cold.  I don’t like feeling cold… no no no…
   Anyway I finally got into Milwaukee and got picked up at the airport, we went out to the lake and sat there for a little while it was nice, but cold so we went back to the house.

Since then it’s been pretty cool, I’m getting used to the cold, it’s not actually that bad because it’s been quite sunny so it’s a bit warmer out.  And it’s all pretty because of the fall… unfortunately kc’s been pretty busy with some school stuff he needed to get done but that’s what happens when you go visit people that are in the middle of their lives… good thing I learned all about the art of boredom and enjoying it.  it’s a little hard to get into if for no other reason that every time I’m left to my own devices I just fall asleep.. damn jet lag.

Speaking of which it’s really kicking my ass this trip and in ways that seem very different than normal..  actually I might have some insight on that.. usually I just let it kick my ass and knock me out at random times of the day.. but I have been refusing to do that.. (on the principal that it helps you get over it much faster) I can’t seem to sleep at night I and then during the day I’m tired but not sleepy and now I’m just feeling sick, and emotionally haggared… like I started crying over my salad because I didn’t want to eat it but I knew I needed to… just for a second and I was all by my self .. but still.. lame.

I finally got to meet and hang out with Marcus, that was fun (tho i was sort of useless blobesque on the couch which he tried to get this web page to work for him (which in the end just DISSED him because he was using a mac.)  I’ve been having fun hanging out with Rick too, he’s kc’s roommate and seriously one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. 

um… yeah I’m just hanging out in the library playing on the computer… getting my computer jones on.  I think I deserve some kind of prize for staying away from the computer as long as I did…. (and Tracey I don’t want to hear anything about the phone… it’s different..and you suffer from the same affliction.)

Ok well thats all for livejournal for now…. oh i think Carla might live in Chicago now so I’m gonna try to get in touch with her :).




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